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 My philosophy on website sponsorship:

When you do a web search on Dallas wedding websites, most of the sites you'll find are simply a collection of links to sponsored websites. At IDoDallas.com, the approach is a little different. Although I provide a list of Dallas wedding vendors and links to their websites, the vendors listed on my site have not paid to be included in my directory. My goal is simply to provide a complete and useful directory of wedding resources for people planning weddings in the Dallas area. If you want to be listed on my website, all I require is a brief description of your services, a short breakdown on your pricing, and your contact information. All new listings must have a website associated with them (I will not post any new telephone-only listings). 

I've had quite a few vendors ask me about purchasing advertising space on IDoDallas.com. I am not currently selling advertising space on IDoDallas. If you are interested in advertising on this website, please consider using Google's AdSense program, available through the link on the sidebar to the left.