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Welcome to I Do Dallas.com!

Your best resource for planning a Dallas wedding.

1/1/09 NOTE: I am no longer making updates to this website. If you are interested in purchasing this website, please contact me at lisa@idodallas.com.

So what's this website all about?

I planned my own wedding in Dallas, and as I was working through the planning process, I compiled a lot of good wedding resources. As I was planning, I was very surprised to find that there weren't any websites for Dallas wedding information that weren't advertiser-sponsored. Sure, you can go to one of the national wedding websites or visit a bridal show or look at one of those ad-filled mega-zines. But I was looking for real local opinions and real local content. I wasn't about to join one of those hokey wedding communities on a national wedding site either. I decided to create I Do Dallas to share the information I compiled with everyone else going through the wedding planning process in Dallas.

Have questions? Need help?

Through my own research, I've compiled a good list of wedding planning resources in Dallas. I welcome your vendor references and opinions and will incorporate them into my website. Click on the links on the left for information on vendors for various aspects of your wedding. My goal is for I Do Dallas to become the premier website resource for planning a Dallas wedding!

Dallas Wedding Resource Maps - Another I Do Dallas Exclusive

Going Shopping? Plot your course using our exclusive Dallas wedding vendor maps. The bridal shop map is live now.

Map of Dallas Bridal Shops

Dallas Wedding Event Calendar

Dallas area trunk shows, bridal shows, and venue open houses are now posted in one convenient location on I Do Dallas, the new Wedding Event Calendar. Use the calendar's RSS feed feature to keep up-to-date when new events are added to the calendar.

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